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April 13, 2013


Coaches: Janice Stewart and Jay Fox report:


Game 1

Score: Manson 30-          LR 41


Score by Innings

Manson - 2, 9, 15, 2, 2    Lake Roosevelt -16, 15, 0, 10


ERRORS                15

HITS                       9



Ally Paige                             3-4, 3runs,1k, 2bb

Brittany Serafini                    0-1, 4runs,2k,4bb

Kristin Gibson                       3-4, 5runs, 1k, 2bb

Noemi Montes                      0-1, 3runs, 1k, 5bb

Jazmiri Sandoval                  0-0, 3runs, 6bb

Anna Pittman                        0-2, 3runs, 2k, 5bb

Hanna Ireland                      1-2, 2runs, 1k, 3bb

Karina Giles                         2-3, 4runs, 1k, 3bb

Sam Ramsey                       0-1, 3run, 4bb


Game 2

Score: Manson 3-             LR 18


Score by Innings

Manson – 0. 0, 2, 1                          Lake Roosevelt – 8, 4, 4, 2


ERRORS                1

HITS                       6



Ally Paige                             3-3, 1run,

Brittany Serafini                    0-3, 1k

Kristin Gibson                       1-1, 1bb

Noemi Montes                      1-2,

Jazmiri Sandoval                  0-2, 1k, 1bb

Anna Pittman                       1-2, 1run, 1bb

Hanna Ireland                      0-1,1k

Celina Alejo                         0-2, 1bb

Adorah Guerra                    1-2, 1k, 1bb


The Lady Trojans headed to Lake Roosevelt on a very cold and windy day.  Although the score may not reflect it, these two teams were fairly evenly matched.  There were a lot of bases on balls for both teams allowing for some defensive work with the girls on bases; our defense is improving each time out.  Sam Ramsey (LF) had an outstanding defensive game by diving and sliding to get several outs.  Pitcher Kristin Gibson is coming along and it won’t be long before she starts throwing more strikes.  Catcher Brittany Serafini is getting more and more comfortable behind the plate.  Each infielder was able to make some outs in both games.  The outfield is starting to have some movement and figuring out where the ball needs to go.  With each game played the Lady Trojans are making improvements in their play and getting more and more confident.

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