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Coach Thomas reports: 

Score: Manson 5 – Tonasket 1

Date:  Place:  March 28th, at Manson High School

Record – League/Overall:  2 – 0 in league, 5 – 1 overall

Significance of the game: non – league game. 

Individual highlights: Jose Gonzales scored 3 goals, also scoring were: Jesus Sanchez and Efrain Escoto. Isidro Escoto had two assists. 

Team Highlights: Kept the ball in Tonasket’s half of the field for much of the second half. Had a shut out except for a Tonasket PK at the end of the game.  

When, where and against whom is your next game:

Manson plays at home Saturday, April 6th, at 11 am against Cashmere.

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