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10/5 Lk Roosevelt & 9/28 FB Oroville






12-13 Manson-Sports
Monday, October 08, 2012



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October 5, 2012                                                  

Manson 27 vs. Lake Roosevelt 45

                                  1st     2nd       3rd     Final   

Manson                    7       20       27       27

Lake Roosevelt        6      25        39       45

Mansonís Stats: 


QB: Kent Ustanik- 6 completions on 15 attempts for 164 total yards, 2 TDís and 2 Intís.

WR: Paul Toolson- 2 receptions, 85 yards, 1 TD

RB: Mike Pittman- 2 receptions, 66 yards, 1 TD

RB: Jorge Tejada- 2 receptions, 13 yards


RB: Jorge Tejada- 7 carries for 26 yards

QB: Kent Ustanik- 7 carries for 22 yards

RB: Mike Pittman- 3 carries for 12 yards

Defensive Standouts: 

(S) Kent Ustanik: 4-Solo, 1-1st Hit, 3-Assists, and 1 Caused Fumble, (LB) Alex Vanderholm: 4-Solo, 3-1st Hit, 1-Assist, and 1-Sack, (DB) Paul Toolson: 3-Solo and 2-Assists, (LB) Mike Pittman: 2- Solo, 1-1st Hit, 3-Assists, and 1-Fumble Recovery, (DL) Joe Toolson: 1- Solo and 5-1st Hit, (LB) David Guillen: 3-1st Hit and 1-Assist, (DB) Jorge Tejada: 2- 1st Hit and 3-Assists, (DE) Alex Espinoza: 2- 1st Hit and 2-Assists, (DL) Willie Picton: 2- 1st Hit and 2-Assists, (DL) Travis Pittman: 2- 1st Hit and 1-Assist, (DE) Sylvain Borrey: 2- 1st Hits and 1-Assist, (DL) Bridger Machus: 2-Assists.

The team played really hard on Friday night against a young Lake Roosevelt team.  The difference in the game was our inability to stop the big plays.  Overall we played really well defensively for 2 or 3 downs and then give up a big first down, allowing Lake Roosevelt to chew up much of the clock.  We ran 3 offensive plays in the entire third quarter, one being a 55-yard touchdown strike from Kent Ustanik to Paul Toolson.  Then in the 4thquarter we turned the ball over on 3 different occasions which is just too much to overcome.  After Lake Roosevelt built a 12-point lead in the third quarter I believe that we tightened up just a little bit, resulting in some late turnovers.  I am proud of the boys and they way they gave it their all for the entire game.  I would like the thank all of the Trojan Fans that made the journey to Lake Roosevelt to support our team.  Our next game is against White Swan at home on October 12 at 7:00 PM.  We hope to see you there!


Coach Ward


September 28, 2012                                         

Oroville 60 vs. Manson 34

                                  1st     2nd       3rd     Final   

Manson                    0       21      21       34

Oroville                    20     26       46       60

Mansonís Stats: 


QB: Kent Ustanik- 6 completions on 20 attempts for 160 yards, 3 TDís and 1 Int.

WR: Paul Toolson- 3 receptions, 47 yards, 2 TDís

TE: Alex Espinoza- 1 reception, 18 yards

RB: Uriel Lopez- 1 reception, 50 yards, 1 TD

RB/WR: Jorge Tejada- 1 reception, 45 yards


RB: Uriel Lopez- 15 carries for 188 yards and 2 TDís

QB: Kent Ustanik- 12 carries for 9 yards

RB: Mike Pittman- 3 carries for -1 yard

WR: Paul Toolson- 2 carries for 29 yards

RB/WR: Jorge Tejada- 1 carry for 4 yards


Defensive Standouts: 

(DE) Uriel Lopez: 5- Solo, 2- 1st Hit, 1-Assist, and 1-Sack, (LB) Alex Vanderholm: 3-Solo, 2- 1st Hit, and 1- Assist, (DL) Travis Pittman: 3- Solo, 1- 1st Hit, 1- Assist, and 1-Block PAT, (S) Kent Ustanik: 2- Solo, 1- 1st Hit, and 1- Assist, (DE) Sylvain Borrey: 2- Solo and 2- Assists, (DL) Alex Espinoza: 2- Solo, 2- 1st Hit, 3- Assists, and 1 Fumble Recovery, (LB) Peter Cortez: 1- Solo and 1- Assist, (DB) Jorge Tejada: 2- 1st Hit and 1- Fumble Recovery, (LB) Mike Pittman: 2- 1st Hit, (LB) Julio Pena: 1- Solo, (DL) Willie Picton: 1- 1st Hit, (DL) Chayse Brooks: 1- Solo, 1- 1st Hit, and 1- Assist, (DB) Paul Toolson: 3- First Hit, 1- Assist, and 1 Int., (LB) David Guillen: 1- 1st Hit and 1- Assist.

This was a fun game to watch and be part of.  The boys really came out fired up and ready to play despite giving Oroville a 20 point 1st quarter lead.  We really responded well in the second quarter and put up 21 points of our own, with the help of a 47 yard TD run by Uriel Lopez and 2 TD receptions from Kent Ustanik to Paul Toolson.  We let the game get away from us in the 3rd but never gave up, scoring 2 more TDís in the 4th.  These boys really gave it their all for the entire game and I am proud of the way they played.   The Trojan Fans were awesome as always and we really appreciate all of their support!!!


Coach Ward

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