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Cross Country Coaches’ Report

The Manson cross country team participated in the Omak Invitational held at East Omak Park on Tuesday afternoon.  It was an extremely blustery day which made for challenging running conditions.  Of course all the participants were facing the same challenge so there was no advantage gained or lost. 

There were 10 teams participating in the meet, 4 "B" schools and 6 "A" schools. The schools on the "B" level included Liberty Bell and Republic, both of which are rated in the top 10 in the state.

Manson had 7 runners participate.  The boys ran exceptionally well, everyone one of them running faster for this distance than they ever had before.  Although we only finished in 7th place as a team we ran well and our placing is more due to the quality of the competition rather than our lack of talent.  

We were led by 2 sophomores, Angel Garcia and Sam Thomas, who finished within 2 seconds of each other.  Miguel Leyva broke 19 minutes for the first time and was our #3 runner.  Olegario Orozco ran in his first race of the season and also broke 19 minutes.  Senior Daniel Martinez ran in his first race ever and completely exceeded expectations by breaking 20 minutes and running as our #5 runner.  Salvador Leyva continued his huge improvements by running 20:06, over a minute faster than he just ran on Saturday.  Our #7 runner was Jesse Russell, also competing in his first race.  He broke 21 minutes which is outstanding for his first race.  

Our next meet is on Saturday in Leavenworth.  I expect the team to continue to make huge improvements now that the air is clear and we can take our training outside where cross country runners belong.


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