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Senior Abby Phelps was the leader behind Chelan’s Regional Championship
win over Cascade in Leavenworth on Saturday.
















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Lady Goats take Regional Volleyball Championship
Show no mercy to Cascade Kodiaks in championship match
by Richard Uhlhorn

“We’re back,” said Coach Donene Hendricks after the Lady Goats defeated the Freeman Scotties in a tough four game match at the Bi-District Regional Volleyball Tournament in Leavenworth on Saturday, November 9.

The win over the Scotties who were the number one team out of their District was a great confidence builder for the Lady Goats which is why Coach Hendricks said, “We’re back” so emphatically. She had a right to be pleased.

Freeman came out strong in game one, forging a lead from the very beginning of that match. Chelan’s hitters were having a hard time finding a hole in Freeman’s defenses. The Scotties were digging everything Abby Phelps, MaKenzie Harris, Jenny Sunberg and Emma Stockholm could hit to them along with the back court of Tess Young, Megan Robinson, Aleea Ferguson and Abby when she was in the back court trying to handle the strong hitting of Freeman outside hitter Kaela Saw’s kill shots.

With Chelan trailing 15-9, Hendricks called a time out to settle the team down and give some encouraging words to. She called another time out at the 20-15 mark which changed the dynamics of game one and Chelan found itself in a 21-21 tie before Freeman’s coach, Eva Windlin-Jansen called a time out.

Chelan ended up losing this game 26-24 on a blocked kill attempt by Saw that went out of bounds.

In game two, it looked like more of the same with Chelan down 11-7 before Hendricks called her first time out. The Scotties were still digging the ball out well and Saw, if set right, was unstoppable. Chelan was only able to put three more points on the board to Freeman’s eight points and Hendricks once again called a time out. This time, the Lady Goats got on track and allowed the Scotties only four more points to its nine points, forcing Freeman’s coach to call a time out with the score 22-20 in favor of the Scotties.

Chelan scored the next three points to take the lead at 23-22 and won the game 25-22.

In game three, with a win under their belts, Chelan came out swinging while a demoralized Freeman began to make small mistakes and not keeping the ball in play. Chelan roared to a convincing 25-18 win to take into game four.

Game four had Chelan scoring right out of the serving block and with a 12-9 lead, Hendricks called a time out. Freeman tied the game at 15-all and then took the lead 16-15 on a tipped ball. After a long volley, Chelan regained a 17-16 lead and then Makenzie started hitting in the outside position to take Chelan to 19-16. An upset Freeman coach called another time out for her set team.

With the score at 22-20 and Freeman edging back into contention to force game five, Hendricks called a time out. Back on the court, Johanna Fuller set a perfect ball to Abby Phelps who promptly put it down the left side of the court for a point. Freeman got the serve back on the next play, but Chelan dug out their next kill shot and Abby once again put a strong kill on the floor for Chelan taking the team to game point, 24-21. Phelps put the game away on the next set from Fuller, 25-21.

The win put Chelan into the Championship match against nemesis Cascade. Cascade, ranked No. 1 in the state, beat Lakeside for the privilege of taking on Chelan for the third time this season.

“The pressure is definitely on Cascade,” said Chelan AD Rob Rainville. “The Goats are peaking and this is a good time to do it.”

The Lady Goats were told by Coach Hendricks to just go out and play volleyball and have fun. Both Chelan and Cascade were qualified for the State Tournament. This match was for the No. 1 and 2 seed to the tournament in Yakima next week.

Cascade came out in Game one with determination to beat Chelan for the third time and took it to the Lady Goats 25-15. Cascade’s Eliana Ala’ilima-Daley was absolutely superb at the net, putting kills down, one after the other.

Game two became a see-saw battle between the two teams with Cascade leading by one or two points until Chelan tied it at 13-all and then went ahead 14-13 on an Emma Stockholm kill shot from the right outside hitting slot. Emma put the next ball down too and then Cascade was blocked to give Chelan a 16-13 lead.

Coach McMahon, not happy with the way the tide had turned, called a time out to try and get her team back on track. Her style of coaching is a lot different than Coach Hendricks. McMahon is intense and likes to yell and cajole her team to action.

The Kodiaks came back out on court and gained two points before Chelan took the serve back and Johanna Fuller put a kill shot down to give Chelan a three point lead going into the later stages of Game two. The Kodiaks go the serve back but the server served short to give Chelan a 19-16 lead and then Abby Phelps killed the next two balls to put the Goats up 21-16.

At this point Cascade took another timeout, but to no avail. Karle Pittsinger kill the ball from the middle and then Makenzie Harris hit a point from the back row and Phelps gave Chelan its game point kill 24-16 and then put it away with another pretty set by Fuller to give Chelan game two 25-16.

Game three was more of the same with both teams battling for dominance. The game was tied at 8-all when Chelan surged to a 14-9 lead with Harris serving up an ace. Cascade fought back to a 15-all tie and then went ahead. Phelps tied the game at 16 and then 17-all. Harris tied it at 18-all and then Chelan took charge, blocking a kill attempt and scoring the next four points before the Kodiaks got back on the board to tie this game up at 22-all. Chelan took it home to win 25-22.

Going into Game 4, both teams were at the top of their game. Chelan had peaked and Cascade was playing championship ball.

But something snapped for the Kodiaks in Game 4. Chelan came out in a groove. Abby Phelps was finding holes in Cascade’s back court and Chelan found itself cruising to a 7-1, then an 11-3, 15-3, 16-3 before Cascade scored another point.

Chelan cruised to the win 26-16 and McMahon never called a time out once.

“Wow,” stated Hendricks after the match. “We played like we can play. We were more relaxed than not. We had to battle today. We’ve been playing since 2 p.m… . it’s phenominal.”

Brian Hendricks said, “How fun was that,” as he stepped to the floor to congratulate the team and his coach wife.

Abby Phelps said, “It feels great. It was really fun and I’m very happy.” She said she was pleased that the team didn’t roll over and die after its first loss to Cascade.

Earlier in the day, Chelan started play against the Newport Grizzlies, defeating them 25-14, 25-14, 25-22.

Next week, the Lady Goats enter the WIAA State Volleyball Championships as the No. 1 seed out of District 6/7. They begin play on Friday, November 15 at 11:30 a.m. against So. Whidbey. They previously faced So. Whidbey at the So. Whidbey Invitational at the beginning of the season where they beat them 25-12, 25-18 to end up taking that Invitational’s championship.

The Chelan Goats are in line to possibly bring home another state trophy.

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