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Chelan Football v Cashmere

QuarterbackTanner Hendricks passed for 151 yards and two touchdowns against the Cashmere Bulldogs. Photo by Tracy Williams (http://photosbyspike.ifp3.com)


Chelan Goats lose a squeaker to Cashmere 30-29
by Richard Uhlhorn with input from Tracy Williams

“We knew during the week we would go for two if it came down to it… we practice it every week,” said Coach Travis Domser on Monday after Chelan’s one point loss to the Cashmere Bulldogs last Friday night in Cashmere.

The Chelan Goats under Coach Domser handed Cashmere a real scare on Friday as they took the rival down to the wire and almost beat them in the last 30 seconds of the game when the team went for a two point conversion and walked off the field with a 30-29 loss instead of going for the point after to force overtime.

Chelan had control of this game for the first, second and most of the third quarters until Cashmere finally tied the game at 23-all late in the third.

The Goats scored first midway in the first quarter and Cashmere answered with a touchdown at the end of the first to tie the game at 7-all. In the second quarter, Eli Jenkins caught a pass for a touchdown inside one and one-half minutes to go giving Chelan a 14-7 lead going into halftime.

Eli Jenkins celebrates his touchdown catch in the end zone.

Quarterback Tanner Hendricks was successful on hitting Kai Clausen in the third quarter for another touchdown taking Chelan out to a 20-7 lead. Then Chelan got a turnover and scored a field goal for a 23-7 lead.

With six minutes to go in the third quarter of play, Cashmere came back, scored a touchdown and a 2 point conversion to pull within eight points of the Goats. By the end of the third quarter, the Bulldogs had managed to tie the game at 23-all to make it a new game going into the fourth quarter of play.

The Goats and Bulldogs fought it out defensively throughout most of the fourth quarter, but with only two minutes to play, Cashmere scored its final touchdown to finally take the lead in this epic battle 30-23.

Chelan roared back with a sustained drive and scored a touchdown with only 30 seconds to play. Tracy Williams, who was feeding GoLakeChelan all evening with the action reported, “Coach went for two to win instead of the extra point to go to OT. Great if you get it, not worth it if you don’t. He went for the win. Hell of a game.”

Coach Domser wrote on Monday morning, “These scenarios are talked about as coaches and players… these scenarios are practiced… nothing is shooting from the hip… we wold do it again if given the choice.”

Domser is proud that the players are keeping a great attitude and getting better each week. To take Cashmere to the brink is enough to make the fans, parents and the players proud of the way they played this game.

Statistics supplied by Coach Domser:
Luke Gleasman – 11 tackles and two sacks
                Collin Hendricks – 1 tackle/fumble recovery
                Asa Schwartz – 8 tackles
                Francisco Arteaga – 5 tackles
                Jose Padilla – 5 tackles
                Mason McClennon – 6 tackles
                Kai Clausen – 6 tackles
                Mykey Flowers – 3 tackles
                Eli Jenkins – 1 tackle
                Jared Anderson – 2 tackles + a fumble recovery

                Tanner Hendricks – 12 for 20 passing for 151 yards and two touchdowns
                Mykey Flowers – 3 pass receptions for 47 yards and one touchdown
                Kai Clausen – 3 pass receptions for 54 yards and one touchdown + 34 yards rushing, one touchdown.
                Luke Gleasman – 1 for 3 passing for 37 yards and one touchdown; 12 yards rushing
                Eli Jenkins – two pass receptions for 37 yards for one touchdown
Passing yardage – 189 yards
Rushing yardage – 46 yards

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