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Chelan football v Cascade

Kai Clausen ran for 245 yards to lead the Chelan Goats to a 33-20 victory over the Cascade Kodiaks.

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Cascade falls hard to Chelan 33-20
by Richard Uhlhorn

Kai Clausen (245 yards rushing) can thank Chelan’s offensive line for opening up holes to run through. The line, anchored by Asa Schwartz, Jose Padilla, Jared Anderson and Francisco Arteaga never let Cascade touch Clausen at the line of scrimmage.

It didn’t take long for Chelan to get on the scoreboard. Clausen scored the first touchdown with 10:39 remaining to play in the first quarter. With 2:48 remaining in the first, Chelan scored again.

Chelan rushed for 388 yards and only relied on the pass once, which was an 18 yard pass from quarterback Tanner Hendricks to Kai Clausen for a touchdown.

Late in the third quarter with the ball just shy of a first down and the end zone, Coach Domser put Asa Schwartz in position to score a touchdown or at least get a first down, which Asa was able to do ensuring Chelan another TD for a 25-14 cushion.

Konnar Stevens scored three times in the contest. His speed on a breakout is phenomenal and not many will be able to catch him when he breaks loose.

Defensively, the entire team did its job in containing Cascade with Clausen (7 tackles), Stevens (8 tackles) and Schwartz (8 tackles) leading the team.

The Goats are now 1-2 in League play and 2-3 overall.

Next Friday, they travel to Quincy to take on the Jackrabbits who are currently in third place in the CTL with a 2-1 record.


Kai Clausen  - 245 yards rushing, 18 yards pass receive
Mykey Flowers – 9 yards rushing,
Tanner Hendricks – 65 yards rushing, 18 yards passing
Konnar Stevens – 65 yards rushing
Mason McClellan – 3 yards rushing
Asa Schwartz – 1 yard rushing (for a first down on the goal line)

Kai Clausen – 7 tackles
Mykey Flowers – 3 tackles, 1 interception for 25 yards
Eli Jenkins – 5 tackles, 2 sacks for five yards
Matt Barnes – 3 tackles
Tanner Hendricks – 4 tackles
Konnar Stevens – 8 tackles
Luke Gleasman – 6 tackles
Julian Buyas – 3 tackles
Hayden Habich – 1 tackle
Francisco Arteaga – 1 tackle, 2 assists
Jared Anderson – 2 tackles, 1 assist, 2 sacks
Asa Schwartz – 8 tackles, 4 assists, 2 sacks
Jose Padilla- 4 tackles, 1 assist

Kai Clausen – 3 touchdowns
Eli Jenkins – 1 conversion reception
Konnar Stevens – 2 touchdowns
Jared Anderson – 1 of 4 point afters made

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