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Manson Girls' Soccer - Non League  


Ken Nelson reports:

Manson played Tonasket in Tonasket on Thursday, Sep. 22, in a non league game.   Manson scored at the 4 minute mark to go up 1-0.  Tonasket came back with some shots on goal but Alexis Castro was solid in the goal once again.  Manson scored again at the 17 minute mark to take a 2-0 lead.  Tonasket kept the pressure on the Manson defense and finally which finally paid off at the 30 minute mark wherein Tonasket scored their first goal.  By the end of the first half the score was in favor of the Lady Trojans 2 - 1.  In the second half Tonasket came out really pressuring the ball and taking shot after shot on goal finally at the 65 minute mark Tonasket tied at 2 2; the game ended with that score. 



Manson 2                                  Tonasket 2



Manson                                     Tonasket

Liliana Morales 4 min.                Ashley Brooks 30 min.

Itzel Castro 17 min.                    Kelly Cruz 60 min.


Shots at Goal

Manson 3                                  Tonasket 20



Manson 14                                Tonasket 0

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