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9.13 VB: Bridgeport






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Photo by Nancy Miller


Abby Bridgewater and Sierra Miller


Lady Trojans  - Bridgeport  


Game Scores: 14-25, 18-25, 14-25




Varsity Coach, Casey Zander reports:


Comments: The girls played a really good game; we just didnít get after it on the first point.  They were playing catch-up the entire game, and could never get on top.  They had an awesome rally at the end of the third and had a six point run; it was just a little too late to take the game. 


This was the first contest of the season and we are still working the kinks out.  Bridgeport kept their heads in the game and played really well. 




Leading Stats:


Kills-Abby Bridgewater with 10

            Cynthia Espinoza with 3

            Davia Walters with 3


Aces-Abby Bridgewater with 2

            Kendra Ellsworth with 1

            Lucero Angulo with 1


Blocks-Abby Bridgewater with 4

            Sierra Miller with 1


Set Assists-Lucero Angulo with 8

            Sierra Miller with 7

            Cheyanne McFadden with 5


Digs- Abby Bridgewater with 5

            Sierra Miller with 4

            Cynthia Espinoza with 4



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