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4/24 Soccer Liberty Bell






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Coach Phil Thomas:


Score:             Manson 3, Liberty Bell 1                                                      

Place:                 Liberty Bell                                 

Record League/Overall:       Manson:             6-0 league, 7-2-2 overall

                                                 Liberty Bell:       1-5 league, 1-10 overall           

Significance of the game:     Manson stays on top of the league                                                            


Individual highlights:       Olegario Orozco of Manson: 2 goals and 1 assist

                                     Alexis Valencia of Manson: 1 goal

                                     Jesus Lopez  and Oscar Ocampo of Manson: 1 assist each

               Alex Bosco of Liberty Bell: 1 goal                                                                    


Team Highlights:     

                Both teams were scoreless through the first half.  Changes in the lineup were made for Manson in the second half.  At the beginning of the second half Olegario Orozco made a pass to Alexis Valencia and he put it in for our first score.  Jesus Lopez assisted an Olegario score at the 15 minute mark.  Moments later Oscar Ocampo crossed a ball to Olegario who again scored for the final Manson goal.  Just before the end of the second half Alex Boscoe of Liberty Bell broke loose from his marker and scored on Manson; final score: Manson 3 Liberty Bell 1.                                  


Coaches: Thomas and Hodges                                     


                We next play Brewster at home Thursday, 26 April           


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