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Lady Trojan Softball Team vs. Kittitas

April 17, 2012


Game #1

Manson           3

Kittitas                        41



Manson           0,3,0,0,0

Kittitas                        18,8,3,5,7



Manson           16

Kittitas                        0



Manson           2

Kittitas                        2



Kendra Ellsworth        0-2, 2k, 1bb,

Mireya Escalera           0-2, 2k, 2bb

Sierra Miller                1-3, 1 run, 1hit, 1bb,1dp

Jessica Tejada              0-3, 2k,

Kristin Gibson             0-2, 1run, 1bb, 1k

Deisi Mendez              0-2, 1k,  

Hannah Ireland           0-1, hp

Monica Anaya             0-2, 1k

Laurann Monfort        0-3, 1hp, 1run,

Idalia Guillen              1-1, 1b

Perla Garcia                 0-1-, 1k

Sam Ramsey               0-1, hp


Manson Lady Trojans faced an un-defeated Kittitas team on Tuesday, April 17.  Even though the score does not show it, the team worked hard to stay in the game.  Kittitas was very active offensively so it was a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in the game and learn from every play.  Sierra Miler and Kristin Gibson both got hits and scored runs for the Lady Trojans.  There were some great opportunities to get some outs we just fell a little short. Mireya Escalera, first year senior had five defensive outs at shortstop with the assistance of Jessica Tejada (3b), Idalia Guillen (2b).  Trojans travel to Kittitas Saturday, April 21 for a double header.


Lady Trojan Softball Team vs. Warden (DH)

April 13, 2012


Game #1                                                                      Game #2

Manson  0                                                                   Manson 0

Warden  25                                                                 Warden 28


HITS                                                                           HITS

Manson  0                                                                   Manson 0

Warden  10                                                                 Warden  16


ERRORS                                                                    ERRORS

Manson  12                                                                 Manson  10

Warden  0                                                                   Warden  0



OFFENSIVE STATS                                               OFFENSIVE STATS

Kendra Ellsworth        0-2, 2bb, 2sb                           Kendra Ellsworth        0-2, 1k, 1bb

Jessica Tejada              0-2, 1k                                     Jessica Tejada              0-2

Mireya, Escalera          0-2, 2bb, 1sb                           Mireya Escalera           1-1, 1sb

Sierra Miller                0-2, 1k, 1hp, 1sb                     Sierra Miller                0-1

Laurann Monfort        0-1, hp, 1sb                             Liz Morris                   0-1

Kristin Gibson             0-1, 1bb                                   Deisi Mendez              0-1

Liz Morris                   0-1,                                          Kristin Gibson             0-1

Monica Anaya             0-1, 1k                                     Perla Garcia                 0-1

Deisi Mendez              01-, 1bb


The Lady Trojans faced a tough double-header against Warden on Friday the 13th.  We got off to a rough start with one of our best senior players, Liliana Morales sustaining a concussion during warm-ups.  With our team mate on our minds, we attempted to put out best foot forward and play to the best of our abilities.  Warden is a tough team and we knew we had our work cut out for us.  Kendra Ellsworth had the start at the mound and got some great experience, she is improving with each game.  Sierra Miller finished the game at pitcher and did a great job putting the ball over the plate.  Our defense has some refining to do but as each day goes by we are improving.


Game two we found ourselves facing the same battle.  But with every play we were able to see how the game works and what we need to work on in practice.  Our girls are getting more confident at their positions and are working hard to be the best they can be.


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