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3/23 Softball / Soap Lake







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Lady Trojan Softball Team vs. Soap Lake


Game #1

Manson           22

Soap Lake       18



Manson           4, 4, 0, 3, 1, 3, 7

Soap Lake       3, 5, 0, 1, 1, 3, 5



Manson           6

Soap Lake       2



Manson           2

Soap Lake       2



Kendra Ellsworth        0-5, 1 sac, 2k, 2bb, 1hp, 1sac, 9sb, 3runs

Lilly Morales               0-6,  1sac, 2k, 2rbsís, 1bb,

Mireya Escalera           1-6, 4hp, 1h, 4hp, 10sb, 4runs

Sierra Miller                0-6,  3bb,2sb, 4 runs

Jessica Tejada              0-5, 3bb, 7sb, 4runs

Kristin Gibson             1-5,2b, 1k, 2bb,1hp, 2runs

Deisi Mendez              1-5, 1h, 2rbiís, 1k, 1hp, 2runs,

Liz Morris                   0-5, 2runs, 1k, 4bb, 2sb,

Monica Anaya             2-1,1run, 2k,

Laurann Monfort        0-3, 1run, 1rbi, 1 sac, 1k, 1hp


It was a sunny day up Soap Lake and after three weeks of practicing on wet grass and indoors the Lady Trojans were excited to play on a dry field.  Kendra Ellsworth, sophomore, had her first start as pitcher and did a great job at the mound collecting three strike-outs.  Sierra Miller finished the game adding one more strike-out to the list.  First time shortstop, Mireya Escalera was a force to be reckoned with making diving catches and going full throttle. The Lady Trojans were able to put their base stealing and sliding skills into action. It was a great night for softball and we look forward to improving each day.  


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