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Manson 3- Tonasket 3


Manson High School traveled to Tonasket with a team of Varsity, Swing and Junior varsity players on Saturday to play this varsity non-league match.  The game began with a field so covered by snow that you could not even see the lines and the snow was still falling. 

The Manson Trojans came out of the gate with a strong attack against Tonasket in the first 5 minutes of play when Jesus Sanchez played a beautifully crossed ball over the face of the goal to connect with Isidro Escoto who put it into the net.  Late in the first half of play Tonasket countered with a goal against the Trojans to go into half time with a 1-1 score.  The game stayed at 1-1 most of the second half with a defensive battle ensuing between the teams.  Miguel Leyva was in the goal for Manson and made numerous saves for the Trojans during that time, the Tonasket goalkeeper also performed well.  Manson then changed the momentum with an overlap by Uriel Tellez that gave Manson a numbers up advantage in the attacking third of the field as he sent a pass to Efrain Escoto who then assisted in the score from Jesus Sanchez.   The Trojans kept the same offensive strategy and Efrain Escoto sent a second pass to Jesus Sanchez for yet another score. 

Manson was up 3-1 with only 15 minutes left in the game.  That is when the mistakes began to mount on Manson.  Miguel Leyva came out of the goal to clear the ball out of the defensive third when his foot slipped on the ball due to the wet conditions and the Tonasket team capitalized on the mishap with a goal against Manson. The Trojans still had a 3-2 lead against the Tonasket team at this time and began to play tough defense to protect the lead.  That was not enough because with 3 minutes left in the game a Manson defender was attempting to head a ball out of the box of Manson and the ball went into the Manson net creating an own goal and a tie for the game.  The whistle blew and the Trojans walked off the field with a 3-3 tie. 


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