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2/9 BBB - Brewster







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The final score: Brewster 76 Manson 63

Coach Lewman reports:


What a difficult last league game to come up against a win and continue lose and out scenario. 


The boys played their hearts out and I couldn't be prouder of the way they competed in the game.  They came out on fire and attacked the Brewster Bears with everything that they had. 


 In the end the time ran out on the team and they fell short on the scoreboard only.  Leading the way on the glass again was Alex Vanderholm.  He took over in the block and didn't give up all night.  Javier had a good game creating off of his penetration and creating opportunities for others off of it.  Oscar was on fire from deep having 4 3pointers.  Ty was hitting his mid-range jumper with taking over defensive duties on one of the best in the league, Drisseen. 


 In the end the Trojans fell a little short on time but played with heart from the beginning.  It was a great testament to the Leadership on the team. 


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