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1/31 BBB Pateros






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Photo by Nancy Miller

Alex Vanderholm



Manson 58 Pateros 50

Coach Lewman reports:


It was a difficult start to a great game for the Trojans.  Over all, score 50 to 58, with Manson pulling ahead in the 3rd quarter and holding on to the lead.  It started off with some great work on the glass from Alex Vanderholm (12 reb and 15 points) and Javier Guillen (10 reb and 12 points) and we played with some focus and intensity throughout the second half.  With Ty Harding and Oscar Ocampo creating extra opportunities on the defensive side it was a solid team game.  Fun to coach and be a part of.   

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Manson vs Pateros

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