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Coach Lewman reports:


Manson 65, Mansfield 55

We played a hard fought game against a tough Mansfield team yesterday.  They have some quality players that gave us trouble throughout the entire game.  They were a challenge to play with and it was a tremendous game to watch.  We had quality play from the beginning of the game and tried to have a hand in their shooters faces throughout the entire night.  We were lead on the scoring end by Javier Guillen's 21 points who also gave us a great boost on the defensive end as well.  Ty Harding had a great defensive game along with Oscar Ocampo.  We also received quality scoring from Bailey Stevens and Salvador Leyva. 

It was truly a fun game to coach.

 From the Wenatchee World:

Manson 65, Mansfield 55


Wall 7, Ehrhard 0, Macen McLean 19, Cameron Peters 19, Collin Pate 10, Jenkins 0, Udell 0, Trull-Miller 0.


Campos 6, Bailey Stevens 13, Toolson 1, M. Vanderholm 2, Harding 5, Javier Guillen 21, A. Vanderholm 3, Sorenson 2, Salvador Leyva 12.

Mansfield 17 12 16 10 55

Manson 18 13 18 16 65


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