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12/17/11 Lady Trojans 26- Waterville 34


Coach Toolson reports:


Manson girls faced Waterville on Saturday night.  It was a close game most of the night, but in the end the Shockers pulled away in the forth quarter and won 34-26.  Waterville frustrated us with an aggressive man defense that proved difficult to get good shots off of.  Despite their youth, they played tough defense and were aggressive on the boards.  Manson put forth good effort for the entirety of the game, but could not get enough shots to fall in the end.  Congratulations goes to former Manson coach, Chris Hill, who had his team well prepared and earned the deserved victory.


Individual highlights:


Thalia Lepley- 2 points, 1 rebound, 1 steal

Sierra Miller- 1 rebound and 2 steals

Jaquelin Guillen- 6 points, 1 assist and 1 steal

Davia Walters- 2 points and 1 rebound

Angelica Suarez- 3 rebounds

Abby Bridgewater- 7 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 steals

Bianca Sanchez- 1 point and 1 assist

Kendra Ellsworth- 4 rebounds

Itzel Castro- 8 points, 1 rebound, and 9 steals

Cheyanne McFadden and Lia Verduzco also played in the game.


Kurt Toolson


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Lady Trojans face Shockers at home
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