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District Tournament on November 5, 2011

Coach Casey Zander reports: 


Comments:  The Lady Trojan Volleyball team competed in the District Tournament in Entiat on Saturday.  The girls played really hard against both Riverside Christian and White Swan.  The girls have worked really hard this season and it was apparent on Saturday.  They have come a long way since their first game of the season.  They were making smart plays both offensively and defensively and were consistent on their serves.  We struggled with Riverside Christian and their cross-court hits, but still made a good showing.  The game against White Swan was a very eventful one.  We got off to a slow start, but got into a groove during the second and third.  The third game was the best game of the match to watch and the ending couldn't have been better.  We fell apart during the fourth match and could not seem to get the ball into play.  However, during the fifth game the girls came out strong, and I was sure we were going to finish with a victory, but White Swan came out on top.  A high intensity game is the perfect way to end our season and I could not be more proud of what the Lady Trojans accomplished during this season. 



Contest versus Riverside Christian:

21-25, 12-25, 15-25



Cheyanne McFadden: 3 Set Assists

Lucero Angulo: 1 Dig, 2 Aces

Sierra Miller: 6 Set Assists, 1 Dig, 1 Kill, 1 Ace

Cynthia Espinoza: 10 Digs

Kendra Ellsworth: 1 Kill

Laurann Monfort: 4 Kills

Abby Bridgewater: 3 Kills, 2 Aces, 5 Digs, 1 Block

Sulaima Lopez: 8 Kills, 3 Blocks, 1 Ace

Davia Walters: 1 Kill



Contest versus White Swan:

21-25, 25-19, 29-27, 8-25, 13-15



Abby Bridgewater: 19 Kills, 7 Blocks, 3 Aces, 23 Digs

Lucero Angulo: 2 Kills, 2 Digs, 2 Aces, 2 Set Assists

Sulaima Lopez: 6 Kills, 7 Blocks, 27 Digs, 5 Aces

Kendra Ellsworth: 5 Kills, 1 Block, 10 Digs, 1 Ace

Sierra Miller: 5 Kills, 12 Set Assists, 3 Blocks, 4 Digs, 1 Ace

Cheyanne McFadden: 1 Kill, 5 Set Assists, 8 Digs, 1 Ace

Laurann Monfort: 2 Kills, 5 Digs, 3 Aces

Cynthia Espinoza: 35 Digs



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