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Central Washington 2B League North Division Football CHAMPIONS ~ Manson Trojans!

Manson (5-1) 20 vs. Brewster (5-1) 0

November 1, 2011

Coach Scott Ward reports:

Manson          14       6      

Brewster         0        0       

The Manson Trojans traveled to a neutral field in Bridgeport Tuesday night, held Brewster to 26 total yards of offense in two 10-minute periods of play, and staked claim on first place in Northern 2B Central Washington Football League.  I am so proud of our boys.  They really came out and set the tone early.  This is something that we have been working on all season and it paid off last night. 

Brewster started off then evening beating Oroville 21-0 in the same type of game format, two 10-minute periods with a 10-minute halftime.  The time set between the two games was 20 minutes. It was a very different style of warm up and game preparation than any of us were really used to.  We had our boys warming up on a dark soccer field while the Brewster/Oroville game was still in progress knowing that we were only going to have 20 minutes to go through pregame after the first game was completed. 

The game vs. Brewster started off with Manson marching the ball down the field behind the rushing of Javier Guillen and Jesus Lopez.  These guys did an amazing job of running north and south and taking care of the football, something we failed to do in our first matchup against the Bears.  The first drive ended with Kent Ustanik connecting with Jesus Lopez on screen pass that went for 26 yards and a touchdown.   Then it was our defenseís turn.  Our defense played as well as I have seen them play all year.  They were jacked up and playing with a lot of emotion.  Besides about 3 or 4 plays to start the second half of play we really didnít allow very many positive yard plays for the Bears.  The single pass that they attempted in the second half was intercepted by Kent Ustanik at safety and returned for about 15 yards.  Our second score in the first half came late on a 14 yard reception by Gabe Garcia, pass thrown by Kent Ustanik. 

The second half went much the same as the first.  Our defense held strong and our offense controlled the ball and the clock.  Rushing for a total of 106 yards and passing for another 41 really enabled us to control the game. Our only score in the second half came from our senior running back Javier Guillen on a 15 yard run, which he cut back against the flow of the hard pursuing Brewster defense and high stepped into the end zone untouched.  Javier got a little fired up in the second half of the game and ran as hard as I have ever seen him run.  When he is running like that it makes coaching real easy, you just give him the ball.  He is an amazing athlete and really fun to watch play football.  

This win is all about the players.  With only one day of film and one day of practice, there was very little time to coach up a game plan, plus we didnít know which team we were going to be playing.  We hit hard, blocked well, and took care of the football.  The kids have been working hard all year preparing for this type of situation and they responded very well.  

We travel to White Swan on Friday, November 4, to play in the #1 North vs. #1 South crossover game.  The game starts at 7:00 PM with both teams advancing to the State playoffs.  We appreciate all of the community support that we have been receiving at these road games. The crowds have been large and loud in support of our Trojans!  We hope to see as many of you as possible in White Swan. 

Coach Ward



White Swan - 621 Signal Peak Rd, White Swan, WA 98952 approx. 3 Ĺ hours 179 miles from Manson.

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