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10/18 Soccer - Warden




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Manson won by making 3 penalties kicks out of 4


Coach Lopez reports:



The Manson soccer team played Warden last Tuesday.  Both teams played good defense and did not allow the other team many opportunities to score.  Most of the first half was played in the middle of the field with few shots at goal.  Both teams had a few opportunities to score in the second half but could not capitalize so the game ended tied at 0-0 and went into over time.  In the first over time Warden came out pressuring the ball and had opportunities to score but the balls went wide.  


In the second over time Itzel Castro had a chance to score but her shot went right at the goalie ending the overtime with both teams still tied 0-0.  


Manson won by making 3 penalties kicks out of 4; Warden made 1 out of 4.   



Manson 0                      Warden 0  (Manson wins PKs 3-1)



Manson                         Warden


Shots at Goal

Manson 11                    Warden 12



Manson 6                      Warden 8



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