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VB 9.20 - Pateros : 9.24 Cashmere





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Coach Casey Zander reports:


9.20.11 Contest against Pateros Scores:

8-25, 13-25, 12-25


Comments:  The Lady Trojan Volleyball team had a rough game against the Pateros Nannies.  We struggled with the mental aspect of the game and could never get it together. 


Aces: Abby Bridgewater with 5

          Cynthia Espinoza 3

          Cheyanne McFadden with 1


Kills: Abby Bridgewater with 3

        Thalia Lepley with 3

        Ofelia Rodriguez with 2


Set Assists: Cheyanne McFadden with 4

                   Sierra Miller with 2

                   Lucy Angulo with 2



9.24.11 Contest against Cashmere


12-25, 15-25, 17-25



Comments:  The Lady Trojans had a tough game against the Cashmere Bulldogs.  The girls worked hard and had some really amazing plays against the opposing team, we just couldn't get ahead.  We have more that we need to work on, and cannot wait for our next home game against Liberty Bell on Tuesday September 27, 2011. 


Kills: Abby Bridgewater with 9

        Sulaima Lopez with 3

        Lucero Angulo with 2


Aces: Cheyanne McFadden with 2


Blocks: Sulaima Lopez with 2

            Abby Bridgewater with 1


Set Assists: Cheyanne McFadden with 5

                   Lucero Angulo with 4

                   Sulaima Lopez with 1



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