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Senior Jerry Isenhart Jr. (No. 73) was selected to play in the East-West All-Star game on June 23, in Yakima. He's seen here in a quarterfinal game protecting Quarterback Michael Amsel Jr.


Jerry Isenhart Jr. selected to the State All-Star Team

Chelan gets three alternates: Cole Schwartz, Matt Peterson & Jose Aparico

By Richard Uhlhorn


Only four other players from Chelan have been selected as All-Stars for the annual East-West All-Star Football Game which takes place in June of each year.


Chelan senior, Jerry Isenhart Jr. was this year’s selection from Chelan. He joins three other CTL players on the All-Star Team: Dylan Green, Linebacker – Omak; Kyle Weiler, Linebacker – Cashmere; and Caleb Barnes, Defensive Lineman – Cashmere.


Isenhart, an offensive lineman at 6’2” and 280 pounds, made his presence known to opposing teams throughout the year. Coach Darren Talley said, “All the coaches agreed that Jerry is one of the best they’ve seen.”


Isenhart joins only four other players in Chelan’s football history to be selected to the All-Star Team; last year Quinn Courtney was selected and in 2010 it was Doug Ramsey. In 2009, Derrick Talley got the honor and in 2008, it was Bret Linehan.


“I feel really good about it,” said Isenhart. “I never really imagined myself getting selected.”


Why so many linemen? “In this game, good, big linemen are necessary and there are just not enough of big strong linemen to go around,” said Talley.


Jerry Jr's size on the offensive line is intimidating to the opposing line. Coach Talley says he has the opportunity to be one of the best linemen at the college level, if he decides to play.


Isenhart has been playing football on the team for the past four years and Talley said he has always played on offense. “He never missed a play on offense and we would play him on defense when we needed him,” said Talley. “It’s a big honor.”


“I’ve considered it,” said Isenhart. It’ll depend on what offers I get that would help me out financially.”


Considering that Jerry will have a chance to show off his capabilities in the East-West game this coming June and considering his size, he should receive some offers from colleges. “Given is God given talent, he could play at the college level,” stated Talley. “If they get him on a year round schedule, he’ll really shine.”

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