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Chelan’s Erik Garcia battles for the ball against a Manson player during an intense, aggressive game that saw both teams on the receiving end of a Red Card.


Chelan defeats Manson 3-1 in an intense

game of non-league soccer

by Richard Uhlhorn


Soccer matches between Chelan and Manson tend to be intense and aggressive affairs and the non-league game on Thursday afternoon, March 15, was no different. Chelan ended up with a 3-1 win, but at what cost.


“The only thing I got out of that game was three injuries and a red card,” said Coach Jaime Richards. “It that preparation for state?”








Both Manson and Chelan had players received a yellow card from the referees because of inappropriate behavior.  Both teams were also given a Red Card during this intense match-up.


Both teams were given hard red cards and according to Manson Coach Phil Thomas, the players both play on a club team together. “Both want to up each other,” he said. “It’s a big problem and when emotions get involved it can get out of control.” Which is what happened on Thursday afternoon. “I don’t condone my players getting into fights.”


Neither does Coach Richards condone what happened on either side at Thursday’s game. “The first half was great and ended with both teams tied at 1-all,” said Coach Richards. “It was played with high intensity. Everyone played hard.”


Apparently, Manson’s keeper got hurt earlier in the game according to Richards, which ended up with both teams getting the hard red. Both coaches said they didn’t need a second red this season.


In the first half, Manson scored its first and only goal in the first minute. Chelan answered when Jorge Barajas tied the game with a goal in the fifth minute.


In the second half, Ivan Magdaleno scored a goal off an assist from Erik Garcia. In the 65th minute Eleazar Galvan found the back of the net to add Chelan’s third and final goal of the game.


With five minutes remaining to play, Chelan’s Diego Avina went down with an ankle injury and during that timeout, a Manson player kept telling him to get up and eventually entered the scene and tried to pick him up which started the final altercation of the day, which is when Manson got a yellow warning card.


The last five minutes were played without incident, but as incidents go, when a player is down, normally the teams separate themselves until the player either re-enters the game, walks off the field or is helped off by a coach or medical staff.


It is always inappropriate for any player to enter an injured player’s space and if either team takes anything away from Thursday’s game, it should be to restrain themselves, play a clean, but tough game and win or lose, give it their best shot.


Chelan Coach Jaime Richards, as a past professional soccer player and coach, recognizes the passion and love of the game these kids have, but is considering canceling the next game with Manson. “I haven’t made up my mind yet. There are a lot of good (league) teams out there.”


Coach Phil Thomas admits that when Chelan and Manson get together the game goes beyond the proper bounds at times. “They get too emotional. What I would like to see is to play a game with Chelan without any incidents.” Thomas believes that the school’s Athletic Directors will make the final decision as to whether or not the two teams play again. “It could be a teachable moment.”


One thing is certain… both coaches will be having a long talk with their players on Friday.


Both Chelan and Manson have great teams this year. Coach Richards has over 50 kids out for soccer. “It’s not a bad problem to have,” he said. “I have a lot of great players and can keep a roster of 22 on the varsity, but am sticking to a 16-man roster. I want the other kids to get a lot of playing time on the JV squad instead of sitting on the varsity bench and getting very little playing time.”





Senior goal keeper Ruben Medina leads the Chelan team down a line of Chelan fans after defeating Manson 3-1 in non-league action at Chelan Falls Park on Thursday, March 15.



Coach Thomas is also looking forward to this year. “Both of us have a lot of juniors and seniors on our teams. I have a very positive outlook for this year’s team.”


Manson won the JV game against Chelan 2-1 after the Varsity game.


Chelan plays Liberty Bell in non-league action on Saturday, March 17, beginning at 1 p.m. at Chelan Falls Park.

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