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Michael Amsel Jr. had four touchdowns and passed for two more against the Omak Pioneers on his first outing of this football season. Photo by Tracy Williams








Chelan 67 – Omak 6

Amsel adds a new depth to Chelan football

By Richard Uhlhorn


The entire Chelan football team entered into last Friday’s match-up in Omak with high expectations. They had Michael Amsel Jr. back as quarterback which energized the rest of the team.


Chelan came out and massacred Omak 67-6 with Amsel scoring four touchdowns and throwing two passes for touchdowns. Luke Gleasman, who was moved to fullback from quarterback, scored on a 23 yard run and a on a 5 yard run. Kai Clausen also scored on a 1 yard run in the first half. “Kai actually broke for three long runs, one of which was a touchdown, but they were all called back for penalties,” said Coach Darren Talley.


“Omak is apparently a very young football team,” said Coach Talley. “They wouldn’t send me a roster, so I don’t know that for sure.”


Here is a scoring recap on the evening:

            1st quarter, 9:31 remaining – Luke Gleasman scored on a 23-yard run (Jared Anderson PAT good)

            1st quarter, 6:33 remaining – Amsel to Tanner Hendricks on an 18 yard pass. (Anderson PAT good)

                1st quarter, Chelan recovers on-side kick – Amsel scores on a 45 yard run on following play (PAT missed)

                1st quarter, 4:17 remaining – Amsel scores on a 22 yard run (Erick Oscarson scores 2 points on pass)

                1st quarter – Amsel scored on a 6 yard run. (PAT no good)

                1st quarter score – 34-0


                2nd quarter, 11:17 remaining – Luke Gleasman scores on a 5 yard run (Anderson PAT good)

                2nd quarter, 9:18 remaining – Amsel to Oscarson for a 30 yard passing touchdown (PAT no good)

                2nd quarter, 4:26 remaining – Kai Clausen scores on a 1 yard run (Anderson PAT good)

                2nd quarter, 3:16 remaining – Omak’s tailback Sammy Trudeaux scores on a 67 yard run (PAT missed)

                2nd quarter score: Chelan 54 – Omak 6


                3rd quarter, 9:18 remaining – Amsel from a running back position scores on a 35 yard run (PAT good)

                3rd quarter score: Chelan 61- Omak 6


                4th quarter, 34 seconds remaining - Erick Oscarson runs it in from 2 yards (PAT missed)

                Final score: Chelan 67 – Omak 6


It was quite an outing for Michael Amsel’s return to the football field. He threw for 2 touchdowns and 127 yards passing on 7 for 11 attempts. He rushed for 144 yards on 8 carries with 4 carries resulting in touchdowns.


Erick Oscarson has an excellent night, catching 4 passes for 83 yards with 1 touchdown and a 2 point conversion. He also rushed as a back for 27 yards.


Tanner Hendricks caught an 18 yard touchdown pass


Kai Clausen caught a 16 yard pass and carried the ball 7 times for 46 yards rushing with one touchdown.


Zach Burchett caught 1 pass for 10 yards and rushed for 45 yards on 6 carries.


Mykey Flowers rushed for 19 yards on 3 carries.


Luke Gleasman rushed fro 79 yards on 9 carries and 2 touchdowns.


Eli Jenkins quarterbacked the entire second half of this game and, according to Coach Talley, showed everyone on the team that he knows almost every position.


Chelan had 362 total yards of rushing and 127 yards of passing.


Defensively, Chelan was just as tough on Omak as the offense was, holding the Pioneers to only 91 yards rushing of which 67 yards were from Omak’s touchdown run. Chelan held Omak to only 23 yards of passing.


Asa Schwartz had 9 tackles including a QB sack and 2 fumble recoveries. Alex Cortez had 6 tackles and Dillon Morrison had 5 tackles with a QB sack and two caused fumbles. Tanner Hendricks had 5 tackles and Jared Anderson ended up with 4 solo tackles and a fumble recovery. Amsel had 4 tackles with his limited time on defense.


Zach Burchett had 4 tackles form his free safety position with one fumble recovery and Michael LeHaye also had 4 tackles from his defensive lineman position. Bobby Anderson had 3 tackles and an interception that he ran for a 7 yard return.


Assistant Coach Danny Zavala has been working with Jared Anderson on different kickoffs from deep kicks to onside kicks. “Jared is enjoying this and taking his kickoff duties seriously,” said Coach Talley.


On Saturday, Coach Talley and 10 football players went to Ellensburg to watch Quin Courtney and Robin Weathersby (Simon Fraiser University) play against the CWU team.


Chelan is playing Brewster this Friday night in Brewster. Brewster is also having a tough year and Chelan is looking forward to chalking up another win as they wind down the football season.

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