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NCW Youth Football League prepares for 2011 Season. It began with a Football Camp put on by Coach Darren Talley and his assistants. The first day of camp was Offensive Focus and the second evening had a Defensive focus.

8/15/11  (31)

NCW Youth Football Leagues 2011 season gets underway on August 22nd.  Before the season begins, a football camp is put on by Mountain Goats Coach Talley  and his assistants.  The first day is Offense and offensive positions, the second evening is dedicated to Defense and defensive positions.

GoLakeChelan's video reporter, Dave Rogge met with Coach Talley at the beginning of the first evening of the youth training camp put on by the coach and his assistants.  There were 2 evenings, the first dedicated to Offense and offensive positions.  The second was all Defense and defensive play.  It was entertaining to watch many of the Bantam players especially if they were not sure of the position they would like to play for their team.  Each of the evenings began with exercises and proper running technique.  They ended the second night getting to play a defensive position and tackling their individual position coaches.   Coach Talley shares in his comments how the camp came about and what he hopes they will each be able to take from it.  Take a moment and listen to what coach has to say about the camp.  And of course the video gives you a feel for the things the kids were taught.

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