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Mt. Goat Wrestlers win CTL and District Championships, send 15 wrestlers to Regionals in Colville

2/7/12 (-16)

Coach McGuffin wears a continuous smile these days as his Mt. Goat Wrestlers return a tradition of winning back to Chelan as they win CTL and District 6 Championships.  Mt. Goats will be sending 15 wrestlers to the Regional Tournament in Colville.  

Coach McGuffin, Mt. Goat wrestling team coach is wearing a continuous smile as his wrestlers win both the CTL and District 6 Championships.  These wins have qualified 15 wrestlers for the Regional Tournament at Colville, Feb. 11th and 12th.   As we talked to Coach McGuffin he continually referred to returning the winning tradition of wrestling to the Chelan Valley.  He talked about how the wrestlers are beginning to peak at the just the right time.   The wrestlers themselves are very excited for their next challenge.  That would be another victory for the Chelan Team as they have continued to work hard in preparation for a win at Regionals.

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