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Mountain Goats continue to struggle on the diamond losing a doubleheader to Cashmere 17-0 and 4-1 at home.

4/17/11 (43) 

Mountain Goats continue to struggle on the baseball diamond losing a doubleheader to Cashmere (17-0 & 4-1) on the Goat home field.   

The Goats continued with the quiet bats as they had against Quincy, during the first game against Cashmere in a 17-0 loss to the Bulldogs.  In this loss the Bulldogs pitchers threw a no-hitter.  The Goats continued their losing way with a 4-1 loss in the second game of the doubleheader.  GoLakeChelan spoke with the 2 pitchers who started for the Goats, Gabe Quigley in the first game and Aaron Schramm in the second game.  These two youngmen, one a junior and one a sophmore will both be playing for the Goats again next year.  You will be able to determine by their comments that they feel youth and inexperience may be contributing to this years Goat challenges.  Take a moment and hear what they each had to say.

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