10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

Lady Goats Volleyball is 6-0 and lead CTL as they prepare for Wenatchee Tournament, Saturday 16th


 Chelan Lady Goats are leading Caribou Trail League with 6 - 0 as they get ready for second round and Wenatchee Volleyball Tournament, October 16th. 

Chelan Lady Goats continue to show strength as they lead CTL as they start second round with CTL schools.  The ladies during this week free of league games are preparing to play in the 16 team Wenatchee Tournament.  While talking with Coach Hendricks GLC found out that most of the teams participating are 3A and 4A schools.  Further she informed me that they won this tournament last year.  She feels strongly that playing against these bigger schools tacts her player so that it makes them better.  And the timing is good as the post season is quickly approaching.  We also talked with two of the outstanding players, Mandy Robison and Maghara DePaoli and got their perspective of how the team is doing and how they fill about these large school tournaments.  Take a moment to hear what they all had to say.

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