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Lady Goats lose to Okanogan's Lady Bulldogs 52-42, drop to 2-2 in league play.

1/16/12  (-10) 

Chelan Lady Goats lose 52-42 to Okanogan's Lady Bulldogs at home last Friday night.  With their loss, they drop to 2-2 in league play, Cascade up next. 

GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge had a chance to talk with Coach Phelps after the girls loss to Okanogan last Friday night.  Although the coach had some concerns about some of the actions on the floor, he was pleased that the girls fought hard for the entire game.  It appeared that the girls were having trouble with the pressure they got from the press.  Okanogan was very successful from the 3 point line as well.  Each time the girls gained some ground on the score, the Lady Bulldogs would go down and hit a couple of 3's and give them back their score seperation.

GLC wants to encourage all of it readers to be sure and thank Lake Chelan Physical Therapy for making the continuation of  these videos possible. 

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