10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

Lady Goats defeat Cascade, move on to Regionals and prepare for Newport.

2/12/12 (-19)

Lady Goats defeated Cascade's Lady Kodiaks sending them home and Lady Goats move on to Regionals at Moses Lake.  Lady Goats will play Newport High School first in Regional game.

The Lady Goats won the game they needed to and will now move on to Moses Lake for Regional contest against Newport.  The Mt. Goats worked hard against Cascade's Lady Kodiaks.  And although the score reflects a lopsided victory, Coach Phelps tells GLC that the game was much closer.  That it was the girls efforts coming out in the 3rd quarter that allowed them to come away with the victory.  Hear what the coach and several of the players have to say.

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