10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

Goats meet toughest test so far in defensive test and victory over Omak 15-12.


The Goats face toughest defensive test in victory over Omak Pioneers 15-12.  Chelan faces Cashmere next at home. 

When you think of a hard hitting game, you definitely think about defense, and that was the Goats experience last Friday Night in Omak.  Chelan came away with the victory 15-12 and alot of sore tired bodies as both teams were hitting as hard as any high school game you would ever see.  GLC's Dave Rogge took the opportunity to talk with several of the coaches and players both before and after the game and all said the same,"it was a great, hard hitting game and that made it really fun."  Unfortunately Coach Talley wasn't available following the game but we spoke with Coach Stamps and got a bit of a different perspective as he is up in the press box sending plays and having imput to the sidelines.  The Goats came up big when they needed to on 4th and inches to score the winning touchdown.

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