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Goats lose to Cascade Kodiaks, drop to 0 - 3 in Caribou Trail League

10/3/12  (-43)

Goats lose to Kodiaks 54-19, fall to 0-3 and bottom of Caribou Trail League.

GoLakeChelan met with Coach Talley at the practice field this week ane talked with him and a couple of the stand out players from the lose to the Kodiaks.  Coach Talley was quick to point out that their lose last week left him scratching his head.  They played with tremendous intensity in the 1st half.  He thought they were coming out from halftime with that same intensity.  However they actually were pretty flat.  When asked what happen, all he could say was that this was clearly a sign of their youth and inexperience.  The team just seemed to have the wind leave the balloon.  One of the other coaches mentioned that the interception as the 1st half was coming to an end allowing Cascade to tie the game, left the players flat.  While talking with the players, they both said the same thing about the youth and inexperience of go a varsity whole game really showed itself.  Take a moment and hear what they all had to say.

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