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Goats dominate Kodiaks 60-0, begin preparations for post-season after finishing 2nd in CTL.

10/31/11  (9)

Chelan Goats continue dominate play on the gridiron defeating Cascade 60-0, finish 2nd in Caribou Trail League.  Goats prepare for post-season and will host Riverside Saturday, Nov. 6th at 1:00 p.m. 

GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge met with Coach Talley over the weekend to talk about the Goat's dominant victory over Cascade.  He pointed out the they were preparing for a real fight as the Kodiaks always play the Goats tough.  Like everyone else, he was shocked at how the Goats dominated the Kodiaks in all aspects of the game.  The victory, he points out, put the Goats in perfect position to start the crossover game.  The 2nd place finish in the CTL put Chelan in the position to host their 1st post-season game at Sargent Field.  We asked about the weeks preparation leading up to the Cascade game and all of the coaches said they thought it might have been their best week of practice to date.  And if you talk with the players, they will tell you it is all about "how we practice during the week, is how we perform at game time.  Coach Talley pointed out that the players are healthy and that is a big part of their success as they are able to use their entire playbook as they are going into the post-season.

We want to remind all of our readers that these videos are sponsored by Lake Chelan Physical Therapy.  And Connie Miller and her staff want the Valley to know that they wish the Goats the best of luck in the post-season.  They also want to remind everyone that the Lady Goats are also moving into the post-season and wish them luck as well.

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