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Coach Harris talks about the special memories that the 2010-2011 Basketball Team have created for him. Amsel, James and Reister receive special team awards.

3/8/11 (49) 

2010-2011 Mountain Goats Basketball Team gives Coach Harris many special memories even above the many Championships and 5th Place finish at State Tournament.  Amsel, James and Reister receive special team awards, McQuaid is CTL's Player of the Year.   

Coach Harris will be out of town this week with son Joe so he arranged for an early look at the basketball awards.  The Goats were once again well represented on the CTL All League Team with Amsel and McQuaid making 1st Team and Tyler James receiving 2nd Team honors.  Evan Reister was All League Honorable Mention.  Reister and James receive Coaches Awards and Amsel is selected as Most Valuable Teammate.  And finally Amsel and McQuaid were selected to the 2nd Team All-Tournament.  After announcing the special awards, Coach Harris took a moment to share something special about each player as they received their Letter Certificate.  A speical thank you was given to Marcie Nicholl who has announced she will be retiring this year from her position at the school and working with the team.

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