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Chelan Goats teach Carson Graham from Vancouver, BC how to play American Football defeating them 62-0


Chelan Goats school Carson Graham Secondary School from Vanouver, BC on American Football 62-0 last Friday Night at Sargeant Field.

GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge got a chance to participate in Friday Nights game as he collided with Aaron McQuade on the sidelines after he failed to catch a pass from Micheal Amstel Jr..  However it did not prevent him from catching up with Coach Talley on Saturday following the teams video review to talk about the game.  Coach Talley's "Word" of the game was "Family."  And Coach Talley felt that they competed as a family all working together to produce a great game.  Our video this week shows alot of scoring and that came from each member of this "Family."  Here what the Coach has to say about the team production.  And listen to Robin Weathersby's impression of the way everyone had played in the first half and what we had to look forward to in the second half.  Take a moment and see some of the action and the Coach's thoughts.

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