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Chelan Goats start 2011 with a big win over Vashon Island, only to get slowed by a big loss to the Connell Eagles

9/13/11  (23)

Chelan Goats Football team, after a fast start against Vashon Island, get a lesson in defeat at the hands of the Connell Eagles 35-0 before a home crowd.

After talking with Coach Talley before the game on Friday, there was some real optimism going into the game with Connell at home this last Friday Night.  And indeed during the first 29 minutes and 52 seconds that was the case.  Then a turnover with 8 seconds left gave Connell the opportunity to go to the endzone.  Connell's quarterback, Salisbury launched a 30 yard pass and it fell into the arms of Matt Hadley, just over the out stretched arms of Matt Pederson of the Goats.  When the Goats came back out after the half, they just appeared flat.  I hope you will take an opportunity to see some of the video and how the coaches felt going into the contest.

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