10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

Chelan Goats spend the week preparing for their first cross-over game with River Side Rams. A win will put them in the State Play-offs and will play Goldendale at home with a victory over the Rams.


Chelan Goats prepare for first cross-over game against River Side in Chelan this Saturday.  A victory will put Chelan in the play-offs against Goldendale at Sargeant Field on Nov. 13th.

Coaches Talley and Snyder went to the Goldendale vs River View game at Goldendale as the winner of that game would likely be Chelan's next contest if they get by River Side.  We had a chance to Coach Stamps and Coach Matt to see how the guys have been doing this week and how their practices have gone for the Goats.  Each coach emphasized the attention to detail this week and business as usual.  Both of the coaches pointed out how if you did not know it was a post-season game you would think it would just be another game.

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