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Chelan Goats lose again, this time it is the Warriors of CleElum / Roslyn 49-14

9/19/11  (20) 

Chelan Goats lose another home game, this time it is the Warriors of CleElum / Roslyn 49-14.  What is happening to the 2011 Goats?  Can the loss of a couple of players make that much difference?  We will find out this Friday Night as the Goats will take on Foster in Seattle, when some of the players will be back.


GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge took his video camera and headed to the first practice since the Goats lost to the Warriors.  I spoke with Coach Talley and he was feeling pretty optimistic with the return of Micheal Amsdel and a couple of other players.  Coach Talley talked about the number of mistakes that were made, starting with the 10 turnovers.  Like Coach said, " its tough to win when you have 1 or 2 turnovers and misques, but 10, you can't overcome that many mistakes."  I spoke with Michael and he was very excited to finally be back in the game.  His return allows Matt Robinson to return to his position at wide receiver.  Take a moment and hear what each of them has to say.


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