10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

Chelan Goats get 1st win over Ephrata Tigers 75-57, begin preparations for fundraiser retro-game with Liberty Bell at the Community Gym, monies go to support Larita Beeson Foundation and Scholarship.


Chelan Goats finally get a win from Ephrata Tigers at Ephrata 75 - 57, can now focus on fundraising retro-game with Liberty Bell being held at the newly remodel Community Gym.  Funds raised will go to support the Larita Beeson Foundation and the Beeson Scholarship.

Dave Rogge from GoLakeChelan met briefly with Coach Harris on Wednesday following the Goats first victory against Ephrata.  It was obvious that there was a slight air of relief that Harris's Goats finally got on the winning side of the board after a very slow start of 0-3.  He was pleased to share that many of the issues that had been happening so repeatedly such as turnovers, taking bad shots, rushing the offense and poor shooting from the field.  In the Ephrata game the boys were playing a more complete team game.  Harris talked positively about the performance of his team and how strong the effort was this week how the pieces were coming together.  He acknowledged that there is much work to do but he feels they have made a break through.  And with the taste of the first victory comes the desire for many more.  We then turned our discussion to the Larita Beeson retro-night game and fundraising event to be held 12/17 at the Community Gym.  You only had to know Larita Beeson and her family to know why she was so deservant of such an honor to have a fundraiser and scholarship in her name.  She was everything good about what Chelan Schools are made of.  Coach Harris, very close to the Beeson family since his childhood has many good things to say.  Take a moment and listen.  There is a still picture of Mrs. Beeson at the head of this interview.  I need to also mention that the game is between the Chelan Boys & Girls Varsities and Liberty Bell, not Brewster as is shown in the script of the video.


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