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Chelan Goats after making easy work of Riverside, continue their move through the post-season as they prepare for Goldendale.

 Nov 10th

Chelan Goats make quick work of the Riverside Rams last weekend 47-10 as they started their march through the post-season.  After a day to enjoy the victory the men got back to work this week preparing for Goldendale.

The Chelan Goats have been working hard this week, as they have done all season long.  But this week they have alittle more riding on it, that is the opportunity to continue their season and a shot at the Class 1A State Football Crown.  As you visit with the coaches and players as GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge has, you know that to these young men it is just business as usual.  You do not get some sense of urgency.  The fella's just go out to practice and work with the same intensity that they have each day during the season.  They seem to know that the pieces are all there they just have put it all together.  And so this is what they do with perhaps a little more effort then the block before or the run, whatever the case.  Take a moment and listen to these men and their coach as they talk about what is ahead of them.

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