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Chelan Goat football players continue to have fun, this time at the expense of the Brewster Bears 55 - 0, spoiling Bear Homecoming.

10/20/12 (-47)

Chelan Goat Football Players continue to have fun at the expense of the Brewster Bears 55 - 0 at Bear Homecoming.  Only 1 regular season game left for 2013 Seniors. 

The Goats continued to show the teams improvement since the return of Michael Amsel Jr. in win against Brewster 55-0.  GoLakeChelan had a chance to catch up with Coach Talley and a couple of the many standout players from their victory.  With a difficult season whinding down, Coach Talley and his coaches have really stressed the importance of have fun these final couple of weeks.  As I have stood on the sidelines at each game and watched the faces of these youngmen, they could not have wider smiles on their faces.  Hear what each of them has to say about the Brewster game and what they are doing to insure they have fun.  They will also share what it has meant to have Michael Amsel back as their leader.

GoLakeChelan wants to thank all of their advertisers.  But we particularly want to thank Lake Chelan Physical Therapy and their staff for the ongoing sponsorship of this seasons videos. 

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