10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

Amsel gets the go ahead by WIAA Officials as the Executive Director grants him the Hardship Waver which will allow him to play sports this his Senior Year.

10/11/12 (- 45)

Michael Amsel Jr. gets waiver allowing him to play sports for the 2012 - 2013 sports seasons.  Will play at Omak on Friday, 10/12/12.

Michael has his waiver, can he make a difference in the play of the Goats.  GLC's Dave Rogge got together with both Michael and Coach Talley to discuss his situation.  Amsel told Rogge that he was so excited to play at Omak on Friday Night.  Coach Talley was asked whether Amsel could really make that much of a difference to the football team.  Coach Talley was quick to say yes.  take a moment and hear what the two gentlemen had to say about Michael's approval. 

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