10-12 Sports/Dave Rogge

A short but excellent visit with Joe Harris at the University of Virginia and invitation to watch them beat Clemson

2/19/11 (55)

GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge took a recent trip to visit Joe Harris and watch the University of Virginia, Cavaliers beat Clemson in their new arena, John Paul Jones. 

As a special gift for his birthday, Dave Rogge's wife Michelle and the kids, gave him a trip to Charlottesville, Virgina,  Why to Virginia?  To visit with his friend Joe Harris and then to his uncle who lives just a couple of hours from UVA.  Although Dave Rogge did not get as much time with Joe as he would have liked, due to some unforseen issues which required Joe to meet with some of the coaches and forced some cancellation of some of our plans.  Dave was however able to get some video coverage of our time and the game Dave got to see.  He hopes you will enjoy this little video of some of his visit.   

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