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Manson Boy’s JV Basketball Updates


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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Manson Boy’s JV Basketball

Updates from Coach Ward



Location- WHS


Manson 45 - Waterville 32


Mr. Crollard did a fine job filling in for me on the road against Waterville.  The boys played very hard through the first 3 quarters and did all that they could to hang on in the 4th.  Our scoring leaders were; B. Stevens-17, M. Vanderholm-8, F. Marron-7, O. Orozco-6, S. Leyva-6, and F. Orozco-1.  Our scoring by quarter was as follows;


                  1st   2nd  3rd  4th 

Manson       12    31    42    45

Waterville   10    16    20    32


Season’s win/loss record:  League 3-2, Overall 8-2




Location- MHS


Manson 64  -  Oroville 21


The boys did a very good job in all aspects of the game in this one.  As the season goes on these guys are improving and really playing like a team.  They are moving the ball well on offense and helping on defense.  It is really fun to watch a team play as a team and not as a bunch of individuals.  The difference in the games was our second half defense.  We came out after half time and limited Oroville to 2 points in the 3rd quarter and 4 points in the 4th.   We did our best at slowing down the pace of the 4th quarter by not allowing fast break points and running through the offense.  But 7 of our 13 free throw attempts came in the 4th quarter and our players were just not missing. We were trying to run clock and they continued to try to stop it.  Our scoring leaders were as follows;  F. Marron-15, S. Leyva-14, O. Orozco-10, F. Orozco-8, U. Adame-6, B. Stevens-6, M. Vanderholm-5.


                   1st   2nd  3rd  4th 

Manson       17    34    49    64

Oroville         8    15    17    21


Season’s win/loss record:  League 4-2, Overall 9-2




Location- MHS


Manson 43 -  Bridgeport  32


This was the second time of the year that we have faced this scrappy Bridgeport team.  Bridgeport’s JV team is pretty big, fast, and overall pretty athletic.  They are all over the court and recover very well.  We did a good job of just playing our game, limiting turnovers, rebounding, and playing good defense and let the outcome take care of itself.  This game would have been a little bit different had we not shot 53% from the free throw line, 9 for 17, but we’ll take it.  Our scoring leaders were;  S. Leyva-18, B. Stevens-6, O. Orozco-6, A. Vanderholm-5, M. Vanderholm-4, F. Marron-2, and F. Orozco-2. 


                   1st  2nd  3rd  4th 

Manson       13    21    34    43

Bridgeport   8     14    20     32


Season’s win/loss record:  League 5-2, Overall 10-2




Location- OHS


Manson 55 -  Oroville 17


This was the second time we played this Oroville team in the same week with much of the same result.  Our defense was the key to the game holding Oroville to 17 overall points.  The boys rebounded the ball very well and limited their turnovers to 3 for the entire game.  Scoring leaders;  O. Orozco-12, F. Marron-10, S. Leyva-9, U. Adame-7, A. Vanderholm-6, M. Vanderholm-5, F. Orozco-4, B. Stevens-2. 


                  1st  2nd  3rd  4th 

Manson       14   27    44    55

Oroville        3    13    17    17


Season’s win/loss record:  League 6-2, Overall 11-2




Location- PHS


Manson 64 - Pateros 26


After getting off to a slow start shooting, our boys finally got into some rhythm and came alive in the 3rd quarter.  Pateros started out in a 2-3 zone in the first quarter and we just weren’t really hitting a high percentage of our shots.  Then they jumped into a man to man defense in the second and we really looked out of sync.  The 3rd and 4th quarters were much different as they stayed in the tight man to man and our boys were just attacking with backdoors and good screens and rolls.  I would have liked to have passed the ball around a bit more in the 4th but it was very difficult with the tight man defense Pateros was giving us.  Scoring Leaders;  O. Orozco-19, F. Marron-13, M. Vanderholm-11, S. Leyva-10, B. Stevens-7, U. Adame-2, O. Ocampo-2


                  1st  2nd  3rd  4th 

Manson       12   27    43    64

Pateros        5    13    16    26


Season’s win/loss record:  League 7-2, Overall 12-2




Location- MHS


Manson 60 - Lake Roosevelt 53  2OT


What a great game this was to be a part of.  Our boys really gave it everything that they had, and then some.  We did a very good job for the first three quarters controlling the game offensively, defensively, and in transition.  We went into the 4th quarter with a 13 point lead and LR came roaring back into the game with some outstanding long range shooting.  They outscored us 25 to 12 in the 4th quarter to put the game into overtime and had really taken most of the momentum from us.  It was crazy from a coach’s perspective and I am sure our fans felt the same way.  There were so many different plays that could have won it for either team at the end of the game and the first overtime.  There were missed free throws, crazy turnovers, offensive rebounds, missed bunnies, and basically, everything that shouldn’t have happened for both teams happened.  But when the second OT started it looked like our boys knew they were going to win the game and they worked as hard as I have ever seen any team work, holding LR to just 1 point in the second overtime.  I am so proud of our boys and the way they handled this adversity.  Scoring leaders;  S. Leyva-14, B. Stevens-12, M. Vanderholm-10, O. Orozco-8, A. Vanderholm-7, F. Orozco-5, U. Adame-2, C. McClellan-2. 


                 1st   2nd  3rd  4th  1OT   2OT

Manson       10   18    32    44    52    60

LR               9    12    19    44    52    53


Season’s win/loss record:  League 8-2, Overall 13-2



Our final 2 games of the year will be played this week at Liberty Bell on Tuesday and at home against Brewster on Thursday.  We appreciate all of the community support and hope that you can make it for our final games of the season.  Also a special thanks to Mrs. Bennett for running our score board throughout the long season. 


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