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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Photos by Nancy Miller

9.28.10 Lady Trojans vs. Liberty Bell


Manson Lady Trojans’ VB vs. Liberty Bell


Coach Beazley reports:




Liberty Bell defeats Manson 25-14, 25-23, 25-21




The Lady Trojans were looking for their third league win Tuesday night, but just fell short to third place Liberty Bell.  After losing the first two games 14-25 and 23-25, Manson was determined to come back and take the next three. However, the team gained it’s momentum a little too late and lost the third game 21-25. The girls seem to be struggling with their serving and receiving and will work very hard the rest of the week in these two areas.


Setter, Cheyanne McFadden had a great serving night going 12/12 with three aces, along with teammate Sierra Miller serving 10/10.  Sophomore, Lucero Angulo had a great run in the third game, serving 6/7 with 2 aces.  Senior, Christy Guerra played a super defensive game with eight digs and awesome serve/receive passing.  


Manson will travel to Brewster on Saturday, October 2 with JV starting at 11:00 and Varsity to follow.



Manson JV defeats Liberty 25-18, 25-20


Manson “C” Team scores 19-25, 25-19 



Lady Trojans vs. Mountain Lions
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 132.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 148.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 169.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 193.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 195.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 210.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 215.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 216.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 242.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 244.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 253.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 274.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 284.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 288.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 293.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 297.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 298.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 303.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 314.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 344.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 356.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 367.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 370.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 389.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 392.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 393.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 394.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 408.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 413.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 418.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 421.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 439.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 440.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 450.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 453.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 461.JPG
9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 462.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 475.JPG 9-28-10VB-Nancy_Miller 512.JPG


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