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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Photo by Nancy Miller

2010 Lady Spartans'


Lady Spartan Basketball


Coach Hill reports:

The Lady Spartansí went to Pateros to play 4 games against Pateros and Entiat. Their a-squads are probably the two best teams we will play this year. They were very good but our girls didn't back down and with every quarter our girls improved. Our b-squad won their first game with 3 seconds to go in the game! Overall this was a good experience for the girls, things that we struggled with early on got better quickly, it was great to see our girls learn and fix their mistakes.


They all had fun because they know they are getting so much better. It was great to see our smallest player (Jocelyn Escobar) setting the best screens of any player on any of the teams there. Davia Walters, Rachel Vanderholm, Kendra Ellsworth, Jana Russell and Abby Vergara all did a great job rebounding all day. Ellsworth, Escobar, Brittney Serafini, Anna Pittman and Aylee Neff did a good job of handling the ball with a lot of ball pressure from both Entiat and Pateros.

B-squad game #1
Manson 22 - Pateros 20
Brittney Serafini 6 pts (defensive MVP)
Anna Pittman 2 pts
Anna Fleming 4 pts
Abby Vergara 10 pts (offensive MVP)

A-squad game #1
Pateros 48 - Manson 7
Kendra Ellsworth 4 pts
Aylee Neff 3 pts (offensive MVP)
Rachel Vanderholm (defensive MVP)

B-squad game #2
Entiat 32 - Manson 7
Brittney Serafini 2 pts
Anna Pittman 3 pts (offensive MVP)
Abby Vergara 2 pts
Anna Fleming (defensive MVP)

A-squad game #2
Entiat 55 - Manson 22
Aylee Neff 2 pts
Jana Russell 4 pts
Kristen Gibson 2 pts
Davia Walters 7 pts (offensive MVP)
Kendra Ellsworth 6 pts (defensive MVP)
Rachel Vanderholm 2 pts

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