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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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(Non-League Match)


Cashmere defeats Manson


Photos by Nancy Miller





Coach Shana Beazley reports:


25-19, 25-18, 25-13



On Saturday, September 25, Manson hosted a non-league match versus the Cashmere Bulldogs.  The Lady Trojans were hoping to pull out a win, but lost the match in three games, 25-19, 25-18, and 25-13.  The team was a little nervous and intimidated by the 1A Bulldogs, but they focused on their team goals for the week, which were improved serving, support, and communication on serve-receive.  The girls were very excited about their improvements in all three areas and proud of their performance for the afternoon. 


Manson had three girls with perfect serving including Abby Bridgewater 14/14 and 9 kills, Mindy Neal 9/9, with 4 assists, and Christy Guerra 7/7.  Sulaima Lopez and Hailey Ellsworth also had a great day contributing 9 blocks each. 


The Lady Trojans are eager for their next match against the Liberty Bell Lions on Tuesday, September 28 at home starting with JV at 5:00.


Hailey Ellsworth- 5/7, 3 kills, 9 blocks

Christy Guerra- 7/7

Mindy Neal- 9/9, 3 aces, 4 assists

Abby Bridgewater- 14/14, 9 kills

Sulaima Lopez- serves 4/7,  1 ace, 9 blocks

Cheyanne McFadden-1/2, 5 assists

Sierra Miller- 5/6, 3 assists


Cashmere JV defeats Manson JV 25-23, 25-18, 25-9.


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by Nancy Miller

Cashmere defeats Manson
25-19, 25-18, 25-13


VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 135.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 136.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 137.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 138.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 158.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 159.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 164.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 165.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 179.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 184.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 196.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 197.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 202.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 207.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 211.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 248.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 255.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 264.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 268.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 274.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 281.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 285.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 287.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 291.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 294.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 298.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 299.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 304.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 314.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 327.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 330.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 333.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 338.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 339.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 362.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 382.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 384.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 389.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 391.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 392.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 414.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 420.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 427.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 428.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 431.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 434.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 435.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 458.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 467.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 471.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 473.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 483.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 489.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 499.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 500.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 503.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 509.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 525.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 548.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 549.JPG
VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 577.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 584.JPG VB_9-25-10-Nancy_Miller 588.JPG


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