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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Trojans Win First Home Game Over Bridgeport


Photos by Nancy Miller


Friday, September 24th

Coach Brad Barnes reports:


Manson won its first league contest, 23 Ė 6 over Bridgeport. Trojans stand at 1-1 in league play.


Trojans started very slow offensively, in the first half. The only score of the first half was a blocked punt by the Mustangís which was recovered by Bridgeport in the end zone, PAT was blocked.


We made a few clarifications during half time. The O-line and running backs did a better job blocking in the second half. Nate Coggins hit Carlos Pineda on a five yard pass play, PAT was blocked.  Trojan Defense was steady all night.


Coach Ward put together a super package to stop Bridgeportís modified fly sweep. Casey Sorensen and Alex Vanderholm filled gaps and were making piles in the backfield all game.  Newly eligible lineman, Isaac Barnes had a good showing in the second half. Linebackers Marcus Vanderholm and Guillen had solid play. Pineda had his best showing at corner this season.


Manson on the first play of the 4th quarter took the lead with 25 yard field goal by Pineda. Carloís FG was the game changer. Two plays later Manson recovered a fumble and Guillen ran in his first of two rushing TDís. Pineda made both PATís.


Coach Hardingís kickoff teams kept the Mustangs backed up all night. Pineda was kicking the ball inside the 10 all night and the Trojanís were downfield headhunting. Stellan Giffin made a great open field tackle and caused a fumble. He sold out and dropped the returner. Itís one of the things that donít show on the stats, but makes a huge difference in the teamís success.



Stats at glance:

Rushing/Guillen 17 carries 171 yards and 2 TDís. Marcus Vander Vanderholm 6 carries 18 yards, Edwardo Moreno 1 carry for two yards and Sorensen 2 carries for 8 yards.

Passing/ M. Vanderholm lead with 5 catches for 66 yards. Kent Ustanik 2 catches for 21 yards and Pineda 3 for 12 yards.

Nate Coggins was 13 of 19 for 105 yards, one TD and one int.

Total Offense: rushing 216 / passing 105 / Total 321

Down the road: Manson heads to Entiat on Friday, kickoff 7 pm. Itís Entiatís Homecoming and they are coming off a big win over Liberty Bell. I expect the Tigerís to be very physical, they have a big running back in Garrett Kamphaus and a dual threat with quarterback, Thomas Sanford.  Trojanís will be at full strength next week with the return Jordan Pittman. We sat him this week because of an ankle sprain.


Thanks for all your support last Friday. The players were sure happy with getting a win and the coaching staff was very proud of them.



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By Nancy Miller

Trojans whip Mustangs
23 - 6

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