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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Manson Lady Trojans vs. Pateros Nannies


Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 396.JPG

Photo by Nancy Miller

Sierra Miller makes the pass


Pateros defeats Manson



Coach Beazley reports:


25-13, 25-10, 25-18


Christy Guerra, 5/6


Hailey Ellsworth, 9/11, 3 aces, 2 kills, 5 blocks, 1 kill block 


Mindy Neal, 6/7, 2 aces, 2 assists 


Abby Bridgewater, 2/4, 1 kill


Sierra Miller, serves- 6/7 


Sulaima Lopez, 2/4, 4 kills, 2 blocks



     The Lady Trojans traveled to Pateros Tuesday night hoping for their third league win against the Nannies.  After losing the first two, 13-25 and 10-25, Manson battled back in the third game point for point, but just fell short at the end losing it 18-25. 


The Nannies had a great serving night, while the Lady Trojans struggled with their passing and setting up their offense.  Manson girls held their heads high and were very positive and proud of their effort in game three. 


Manson Lady Trojansí will host the Cashmere Bulldogs on Saturday, September 25 with JV starting at 11:00 a.m. in a non-league match and plan to come back strong and play like they have been with consistent serving and a tough offense!



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By Nancy Miller
"Thank you Nancy for your amazing photos!"

Lady Trojans vs. Pateros Nannies
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 052.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 053.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 057.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 067.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 071.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 072.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 074.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 078.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 082.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 094.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 111.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 113.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 115.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 116.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 118.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 120.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 129.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 137.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 138.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 139.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 143.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 145.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 152.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 155.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 161.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 166.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 171.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 172.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 173.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 182.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 183.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 185.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 187.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 191.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 195.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 201.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 213.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 218.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 219.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 220.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 224.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 227.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 229.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 230.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 231.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 234.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 235.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 241.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 255.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 272.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 275.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 276.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 277.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 280.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 282.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 302.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 304.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 314.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 321.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 323.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 329.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 330.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 335.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 338.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 340.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 343.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 346.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 351.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 354.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 357.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 359.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 360.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 362.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 373.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 375.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 389.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 390.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 395.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 396.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 401.JPG Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 412.JPG
Nancy_Miller-9-21-10 413.JPG    

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