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9.20.10 Middle Cross Country - Cashmere



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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Middle School Sports

9.20.10 Cross Country Cashmere 

Manson Secondary now has a Middle School

Cross-Country Team


Coach Phil Thomas reports:


There are four 8th grade boys on the team. They are: Sam Thomas, Angel Garcia, Charlye Castro, and Oscar Mendoza.


Tuesday Sept 21st was our first meet at Cashmere. We had just one boy running as the others didnít have enough practices, yet. Sam Thomas finished 10th out of 51 8th grade boys. He had a time of 8:52 for the 1.36 mile course.


The new team is coached by Phil Thomas and Kurt Toolson.


Our next meet is Sept 30th at Lakeside Park in Chelan.


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By Phil Thomas

Middle School Cross-Country Team @ Cashmere

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